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About the Paintings

The intention of stories and titles associated with my painting should be approached with a poetic and humorous mind. They are suggestive to bring a space and searching vision to my work. In some cases the meaning is presented as indication of real processes working behind visible reality. Paths of Energy and the Energy Bodies is such a case. They are very real apprehensions of form and movement representing energy in unseen dimensions. This explanation is indeed an integral part of my painting. I consider myself as a painter of nature. For me nature is the totality of what surrounds us. What we know and what we do not know. Being part of that totality, what we create is also nature. The real and unreal are the same as we define both. What is important is to love the whole creation and add something of value while we visit here.

About the Gallery, Japanese Pigments on Paper

These paintings represent a unique intense period of work just after returning from Japan after 14 years. They grew out of a difficult period without a situation and means to live and paint. I was forced to work on paper with sticks of intense pigmented color I had discovered in Japan. To my own surprise and delight this body of work grew of it’s own necessity and created a new dimension in which to work. Their attachment to Greek myth came after. It is the result of an intuitive sense toward each painting to add a poetic delight to broaden and trigger a larger space of meaning for myself and the viewer. The prints made from these paintings are stunning and can be printed with or without the text.

About Prints

Prints of each painting are a limited edition of 250, hand signed and numbered by the artist, Ninad. They are Giclee prints in archival pigment inks on %100 cotton rag, acid free and PH buffered Epson velvet fine art paper. These valuable prints should be handled with care. It is recommended they be framed with UV protected glass.


Shipping is handled via the US Postal Service and takes from 3 to 7 days. Print prices include shipping within the US.  Please contact us for orders outside the US.

Purchase of Originals

Regarding purchase of Originals, please contact Ninad by telephone or Email.






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