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Space in Art

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

For me, space represents time but rather eternal time. It cannot be measured so it is not time at all. There all the drama of life unfolds but it cannot eclipse the space that surrounds it. Everything that happens dissolves into it and is born again out of it. Now that space is our freedom, even if it is hidden, we are never separate from it. So for me that space in art is very important. If I lose it in a painting I can only move in circles until it appears again. I call it the spiritual plasma. But then it is the same space we live in every day with accumulation, gathering, perceptions pilled in heaps. Painting is like that, sorting out the clutter until we come to something real that fills our longing for the totality of what we are or what we can be.    ( click on image to enlarge }

Experience | Oil on canvas  60″ x 28″ | “We have to learn through experience what we are, want and can do and until then we are characterless, ignorant of ourselves and have often to be thrown back into our proper ways by hard blows from without. When finally we shall have learned. And this in short, is neither more nor less than the fullest possible knowledge of our own individuality”.  Joseph Campbell on Schopenhauer.

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