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Monday, June 6th, 2011



Van Gogh was a man of poetry among the zen masters, painters, poets, composers, all who live with a poetic grasp of life. He revealed an ecstatic nature and existence in love and at play with itself. Poetry is a literary form of art using language for it’s aesthetic and evocative qualities but it is also a way of seeing life and the world. A child loves to play and a child must play. Play is a fascinating word. If we look deeply into it it represents the whole energy and movement of life. Everything is playing with what it is. The trees sway, birds fly about, flowers open and close, the sun shines, the wind blows, Animals move about and man is in a constant play of being what he is. he may forget he is playing but it is precisely the same play as a child, the toys have simply changed. Now the objects of play are not important, they represent the richness of life’s possibilities. What is important is the play because that is what all of life is. Poetry is an immensely deep and profound understanding of life, it is aware of the nature of existence as play. Those trees have swayed for millions of years and yet every time it is different, there is no code no program and that is true for man, he is free to create, name and move in any direction. When we forget the play our seriousness makes us ridged and moves against our own nature and creates illness. Ninad


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THE STARRY NIGHT  | Japanese pigments on paper |  looking up at the stars is every child’s delight. Thats when we see the world as magic and wonder. That world never goes away but we forget it is there calling us to look up and remember from where we came.

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