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VINCENT VAN GOGH  –  THE STARRY NIGHT   Van Gogh was a man of poetry among the zen masters, painters, poets, composers, all who live with a poetic grasp of life. He revealed an ecstatic nature and existence in love … Continue reading

The Mystery and Wisdom of Form

Ninad Gallery | Oils on Canvas, Acrylics on Canvas & Wood, Japanese Pigment on Paper Continue reading

Abstraction in Art had to Evolve

Revolving Mandala  | acrylic on canvas | The evolution of abstract Art can be attributed to many factors both social and philosophical but greater than these is it’s spiritual impetus. Insofar as talent, drive, the profundity and depth of the … Continue reading

Pattern Reflectors

These are random brain cell patterns of minute charge data during transmissions of wave coding through excited stimuli of an emotive impulse. They are captured and given expression by a unique process of intuitive photo cell displacement through the imaginative … Continue reading

Space in Art

For me, space represents time but rather eternal time. It cannot be measured so it is not time at all. There all the drama of life unfolds but it cannot eclipse the space that surrounds it. Everything that happens dissolves … Continue reading

New Painting Evolving

Recently I’m juxtaposing some new paintings together which is proving very exciting. Even with some new unfinished work this process is leading to some unusual spacial conceptions. It’s particularly interesting because it creates an objective approach to space I might … Continue reading

Energy Bodies

Yes the subconscious but deeper, Running down into a vast expanding tunnel of time  that disappears and the universe begins, tossed among minuscule and gargantuan planets, specs of dust, winds with eternal memory. We seem to know something about eternity … Continue reading

Energy Bodies

Energy Bodies can be known and perceived by the intuition. They are given form through the creative power of artistic vision. Just as a tree is painted differently by each artist, likewise the Energy Bodies can appear in infinite variations … Continue reading