One Response to Abstraction in Art had to Evolve

Abstraction in Art had to Evolve

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Revolving Mandala  | acrylic on canvas |

The evolution of abstract Art can be attributed to many factors both social and philosophical but greater than these is it’s spiritual impetus. Insofar as talent, drive, the profundity and depth of the artist, craft and commitment there is absolutely no difference between figurative and abstract artists. From Heronimus Bosh to Vermeer to Van Gogh do not display greater ability than Pollack, De Kooning, Gorky. The beauty and depth of the paintings carry the same value. The emergence of abstraction in art is an expression of a universal alteration in the psyche of humanity. Man is moving toward freedom in every aspect of life. That movement is irrevocable. It is inherent in nature.  Greater freedom means greater movement both inward and outward. Nature stands in the center and allows us to expand in every direction. Beauty and truth are not simple, fixed, they are fathomless and encompass inexplicable paths that are infinite. Nature does not guarantee our spiritual growth ! we have the choice to move or not move. It has never been a question of form, it has always been intent. Forms come and go and change, Looking at a Van Gogh painting and a flower are  the same. We are enshrouded in the beauty of the perfect and imperfect, we cannot grasp and keep it, it is otherworldly, not of our making.  If any Art leaves you like that then honor it.  Ninad

Clothed Nude  | oil on canvas |

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