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Energy Bodies

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Energy Bodies can be known and perceived by the intuition. They are given form through the creative power of artistic vision. Just as a tree is painted differently by each artist, likewise the Energy Bodies can appear in infinite variations to each human perception. Energy flows everywhere. it surrounds us. The physical bodies are animated by it. We take energy for granted, expecting it to be there, responding to it and we call it life. Spiritual Science and Physics have evolved their own language and symbols to define it. From whatever aspect of consciousness we seek to know energy it will infinitely unfold to a deeper understanding and thus to a greater mystery. As an artist I am constantly in awe of the power and wisdom of form. It can tell the most finite nuance of change, of transformation, of creation. It is an eternal and universal language that with sensitivity and love can be intuited by all. We each have a very mysterious ability to penetrate space and time that lies outside our daily perception. That path is utterly unique to each, it can be found only within oneself, it requires nothing learned but rather trust in ones innate being. From that miracle of self we discover and create form to implement life, nothing could be more real.  Ninad

Unfinished painting | Oil on canvas¬† 52″ x 30″ |

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