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The Mystery and Wisdom of Form

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

These drawings were among my first apprehensions of the hidden energies behind the apparent forms of nature. They appeared suddenly without any prior imagination simply dictated through drawing without any thought. I was living in Amsterdam, Holland and painting outside each day and as it seemed out of necessity produced many of these drawings. I discovered If we follow our intuition through something it can lead to very surprising revelations that come from outside our subjective self. What is known is our subjectivity but the greater reality floats in the vastness of the unknown. And the unknown is not simply what is unseen but even more that which is yet to be created. Now that is the immense potential of art to reveal the otherwise formless energies that fill our mysterious space. These drawings were later exhibited in the UMA Salon of 1975 at the Stedelijk  Museum in Amsterdam. Ninad

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